Moving Forward With the Future


Since Decorworx began in 2001, we have utilized a serifed type-face logo, which served its purpose well. At the time, the logo effectively reflected our commitment to craftsmanship and represented our passion for the independent grocer. Over the years, to keep our brand current and modern, the logo has undergone several changes including the omission of the gradient and metallic overlays (the image on the right displays our logo’s development). Although this logo has effectively represented our company, we decided it was time for a much needed update as we wanted a logo that would grow with us into the future. Decorworx is known for the creation of custom décor and quality craftsmanship, which essentially helped us to guide the renewal process of our logo.

In 2015, we set out to create a logo that would better reflect who we are and where we are headed as a company. With the help of our design team, we explored many concepts until we finally arrived to a logo that we felt would communicate the quality of work that we deliver. In order to maintain the integrity of our brand, we made the decision to hold onto the basic framework of our logo. The most noticeable changes to our logo include the removal of the serifs and the evolution of the x, which now includes a brush stroke to reflect our commitment to superior craftsmanship. Other modifications include: consistency along the bottom of the text, the accent now uses hard angles and sharp corners to compliment the “w” and the “x”, kerning between the “r” and “w” match the “r” and “x”, the inside of the “o’s” have a uniform look, and the Gotham font is center aligned with the “r”.

Our new logo is a visual symbol of our brand and an expression of our unique voice – it represents the essence of our organization. We have worked hard to ensure that it reflects a fresh and relevant impression and is sustainable for the future. We believe that this new logo will effectively display our company’s stance throughout the years, and it will further our passion to communicate the quality of work we deliver – with a modern brand personality.

decorworx logo evolution.png
shaena dansie