Inspired by a Grocery Store

13 to 14 years ago, as I headed out to do my grocery shopping, I decided to go a little out of my way to check out a grocery store that had just opened up some weeks before.  Little did I know how that little detour would affect my life later on. 

As I walked into the store, I was struck by how I felt.  It was clean. Of course—it was brand new! But it was more than just clean. There were design elements that I’d never considered in a grocery store.  Not that I could tell you what those design elements were.  I’m a numbers gal, not what you would call someone with an eye for design. It felt nice, though.  I was on a tight budget, so I didn’t shop at any of the fancy stores when I needed to add to my wardrobe or if I had a need in my home.  But as I walked down those aisles, and through the different departments, adding to my cart what I needed to provide sustenance for my family, I got something shopping at that grocery store that I hadn’t gotten anywhere else I shopped.  I know it sounds silly, but I felt special shopping there.  

Years later I moved away, and came to work for this company.  When I saw what they did, I really bought in to their vision, because I had experienced it and knew they had something.  I love when we’re told by store owners that the décor we provided was integral to the increase in sales they are experiencing! And of course, I know why:  I’ve been one of those customers.   

It’s exciting for me, someone ‘blind’ as I am when it comes to design or style, to be a part of something so creative.  Even though what I do never finds itself in the finished product, I love knowing that I’m behind the scenes in such a ‘noble’ cause!

Passionjessica jones