Food Basket- Silver City, NM Progressive Grocer

Food Basket, selling groceries in the heart of Silver City, NM brought back the old west and fun through a décor remodel.  Outlaws such as Butch Cassidy, heroes like Kit Carson and Indian chiefs such as Geronimo of Silver City’s past are now memorialized on the walls of the local grocery store and entertain the guest as they checkout.  The local owners wanted to bring pride to their community and tell the story of Silver City letting their guests know they care about the shopping experience.

A harvest sunset is the backdrop to iconic images of the old west. A classic western font written in old time sayings, such as “much obliged” and “round up” and “see ya ‘round pardner”, create a friendly and playful environment.  Manager mug shots are plastered on “Wanted” posters  on the wall, right below an old time silo replica.  The popular liquor department was named Silver City Saloon, large wagon wheels hang over the produce tables, and real wood “store fronts” define each department.   Aisle marker inserts have a tainted parchment look to them, just as if they were dusted off and hung up from a few generations back when there were gun slingers and a lawless land.

A photo contest showcases local talent and shares images of the modern beauty of Silver City.

There is only one Silver City and Jim and Debbie Nennich, the owners of Food Basket, wanted to bring the message home to their local market.

A western style logo was created and special attention was given to the branding icon.  The initials of Food Basket, FB were created into a lasso type brand and it now is working into a symbol of their stores.

The locals love their new store!  Sales were slowly eroding and with the remodel they are back in the black.