" There are energy drinks that are more functional; and finally, there are the all-natural and organic energy drinks that appeal to those seeking health and wellness. The segment has been dominated by carbonated options that contain added"

"energy drink consumers consist largely of young, active consumers less than 40 years of age"

"Many energy drink companies are directing their products at very specific groups of consumers, such as extreme sports enthusiasts, video game players, or the hip-hop crowd. In fact, many of the names of the beverages clearly relate to one of these areas."

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"According to the report, only 27% of people in the 18-to-24 age group consume coffee daily, with many citing taste, health concerns and a penchant for sweet energy drinks as factors keeping them away from coffee. By contrast, 75% of those ages 45 to 54 and 80% of those 55 to 64 have a daily cup of joe. Only 28% of the younger group said they liked the taste of coffee on its own, compared with 53% of 45-to-64-year-olds and 61% of those 65 and older."

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Within the soft drink industry, a major trend to capitalize on is healthier soft drinks. The
market for healthy soft drinks is huge and growing among American and international consumers
alike. Along with a large market, many opportunities have arisen due to recent technological

This year had some exciting changes in the beverage industry, as we saw companies big and small getting on the healthy-alternative bandwagon.

healthier drinks appeal to a younger generation and adults alike.

Boosting Beverage Sales and Distribution is one of the greatest challenges a beverage manufacturer will face.

New Beverages are the life blood of beverage distributors and retailers. In order to boost their beverage sales and increase store traffic, retailers must offer their consumers new and unique beverages.

In order for retailers to stay competitive, they have to offer innovative products that their customers are 

demanding and willing to pay for.

Promoting your new beverage to consumers must be done in a way that is unique and will draw attention to your beverage. You can not expect dramatic results if you do what your competition is doing.

Beverage Promotions must be exciting, alluring and most of all entertaining. You must build a relationship with your consumers that will build loyalty towards your brand. Creative sales promotions will do just that...

Promotional Models quickly and effectively boost your beverage sales and distribution by getting consumers to sample and purchase your beverage

Observing that consumers are beginning to order more drinks when entertaining away from home, the Chicago-based consultancy forecasts a nominal 1.9-percent rise in overall restaurant and bar alcohol sales in 2011.

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Beer sales, which were flat this year, are expected to climb by 1.6 percent next year, supported by continued strength among craft and microbrewery specialty products,

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“What we’ve found is that the beverage program doesn’t necessarily get people into the restaurant, but it can be a differentiating factor once they are there,”

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