Why it's Important to Use Color in Your Store



Color can affect what your customers purchase

Colors have a strong impact on the way your customers feel when they enter your store. Color can evoke certain feelings in your customers and can influence their purchase decisions. Whether you want to create a calming, relaxed environment or a cheerful, exciting atmosphere, is dependent on the types of colors you include in your store’s décor.


This color is most often associated with aggression, anger, and anxiousness. If you use too much red in your décor, it will drive customers away. Red is effective at promoting sales, as the color grabs attention, essentially making it a good accent color. This color is commonly used in the meat or deli departments as it stimulates appetites and compliments meat products. Due to the strong impact that red has, this color should be used sparingly throughout your store.


Energetic and enthusiastic, yellow encourages good feelings and happiness. Orange is valuable for stimulating appetites and is often associated with affordability. The color is effective at drawing in value-oriented customers who are interested in affordability and finding a good deal.


Yellow is a highly energetic color that can create a warm and cheery atmosphere, but can quickly cause fatigue or agitation if used in excess. Yellow is often used to evoke taste buds and works well at increasing appetite, which is why it is commonly used in the fast food industry.


Commonly associated with nature and health, green is often used in the produce department as it effectively compliments the fresh variety of fruits and vegetables. Green is a color that should be used sparingly. An excess of green will cause customers to be concerned about spending money, as it is commonly associated with the dollar bill.


Blue creates feelings of trust and dependability. The color will make your customers feel comfortable and secure, which in turn will cause customers to return due to the safe and sheltered environment the color promotes.


Purple is often associated with royalty and luxury, which makes it a popular color to use in the beauty section of grocery stores. Customers will feel sophisticated and prosperous when around this color, which makes it the perfect color for beauty products.


Pink is a calming and relaxing color. Customers will feel at ease with this gentle color, which may in turn make it easier for them to spend money in your store.


This color promotes sophistication and authority. Customers will feel that your store is high-end and elegant when black is used. Black will also make large spaces feel smaller and acts as an attention grabber.


A rich and refined color, brown creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Brown will help customers feel secure and protected, in turn customers will want to return to the comfort of your store.


Gray is a timeless and practical color that will never lose style. Gray is a good, neutral option when you are looking for a color that will remain “trendy” for many years.


White is a simple and clean color. The color promotes innocence and cleanliness. White is stark and plain, and should be used as an accent color in order to avoid an environment that feels too sterile or bland.

Colors influence the feelings you want your store to promote. Cool colors will cause customers to feel comfortable and at ease, while warm colors will cause customers to feel energized and happy. Color is an important factor in determining how you want your customers to feel when they enter your store.