Bringing a Store to Life



A well thought out store can create deep connections in customers who shop there. They clearly draw customers to the products that they want as well as the ones that they don’t yet know that they want; they give the customer a clue of the purpose and ideals of the store. For instance, does the store focus on fresh products, specialty products or value products? Great stores create bonds with the shoppers, and make them want to come back with all of their friends.

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— Jonathan L.

A great store can be easy to find, but a lot more work goes into achieving these goals than one might expect. We are going to take a look into our process at Decorworx and how we bring a store to life.

Each of our designs begin with an initial visit with one of our sales representatives. In that meeting they cover what message to send to the customer, how the store should feel and what the most important goals for the store are. The store owner can bring in any ideas and specific requests that they have.


That information gets shared with the design team. The artists, engineers and customer relations representatives meet together to discuss how to accomplish the goals of the store. They do a great deal of research into the demographics of the store’s customers, the history of the store and the city and where the community is going in the future. All of this information is incredibly important to making a design that will make the customer feel at home.

Our designers take all of this research and put together a few concepts to share with the store owners. It is usually a couple of departments, which give an idea of what the store could look like. The designer considers every detail: what each color in the store means and how it will make the customers feel, what typefaces should be used to communicate clearly, and what photosmaterials and other design elements will mean for the store. At this point the store owner can pick one of their favorite concepts and give their input on the overall look and message of the design.

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— Pablo

Afterwards, the design returns to our designers and the rest of the store comes alive. Once every detail is checked and double checked, every thought and idea is fully realized, and every goal for the look of the store is accomplished, then the design is made into a high quality presentation, providing the store owner with an up close look into each area of the store.

At this point Decorworx and the store owner work closely together, tweaking the final design to match the store’s goals and budget. When the store owner is satisfied, the design is sent to the engineering and production teams, where the final store decor is produced and ready to be installed.

A lot of time is spent studying and researching every store. We become invested in each one of our store designs and care for each as if we own the store. With the high level of research and detail that goes into every store, they are each able to take on a life and personality of their own.