3 Ways to Spruce up Your Frozen Food Aisle



If you live in a place like Cedar City, Utah, you might be tired of the cold, frozen weather outside. However, winter can be a great time to spruce up the frozen food aisle inside your store. The three most common problems in the frozen aisles are poor aisle flow, confusing signage and an uninviting environment. The good news is that these things can be easily fixed.

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Poor aisle flow means the sections of food in the frozen aisles are not organized efficiently and can be difficult for customers to find the products they are looking for. We recommend figuring out what the most popular frozen products are and organizing the aisles accordingly. Pizza, ice cream, and frozen dinners are three of the most common products sold, these should be placed in the focal point area (the middle two to three shelves) in the aisles.


Fixing confusing signage can help with the aisle flow. Customers are able to locate what they are looking for by using the locators and navigators in the aisle. At Harmons Bangerter Crossing, Decorworx developed aisle signage in three separate locations. The main signage on the wall included snowflake graphics and advanced letters to provide a visual guide to the aisle. Food locators were placed above the aisles with labels such as, “Pizza” and “Chicken” to easily lead customers to the items they are looking for. Lastly, freezer vinyl was used on the bottom of the freezer shelves to reiterate the necessary information.

An uninviting freezer environment can be altered by updating the type of lighting or shelving units used in the aisles. Brighter lighting accents colorful product packaging and makes food items look much more inviting to consumers. Adding floor vinyl can also improve the environment.

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The frozen food aisle is an important area in any grocery store, because many popular food items are located in this area. It is essential to recognize how your own consumers are responding to the area. Use the tips above to make sure your own store is inviting and sell-able.