Harmon's Station Park Store Questionnaire

Store: Station Park

Who runs it?

Where is it located?

  200 N. Station Parkway, Farmington , UT  84025

What do they do?

Grocery Store "We are not Normal, ... were Harmons" 

Why did we do the project?

we were uniquely aware of who Harmon's is, it's more than letters on a wall. We know their story

What are things that we incorporated into the store & why

All of the photos are Harmon's Products. All from the meat cuts to the employees

what makes this store unique? 

  • More of an artistic flare (referring to the paint on the valances)

  • Thousands of Chalk Art signs

  • With Harmon's it is more of a challenge, we always have to go to the next level with each new store.

  • Harmon's allows us to be on the edge, they are willing to experiment with us.

  • It's a true partnership, we plan the store for years

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