Involve the Community in Your Store

Does your store reflect the community where you do business?

Community based retailers have a huge asset going for them; it is the fact that your store is local.  Shoppers understand that when they shop your store they are keeping the dollars local.  They are not giving the money to big box stores.

It is important for them to know that you support the community in which they live.  Consider some of the elements Decorworx has incorporated into local stores to highlight their communities. 

Lin’s in Hurricane, Utah held a photo contest.  Shoppers were encouraged to submit their photos of the local area.  Each winner was presented a prize and their photos are part of the décor in the store.  Each photo is labeled with a marker that indicates how far from the store the photo is located.  The store even received submissions from local professional photographers.  Imagine the beauty of Zion’s, the quaintness of a small town and the vast beauty in Southern Utah all captured in photos and displayed for the community to enjoy.

Lins, Hurricane

Lins, Hurricane

Dick’s Market located in Bountiful, Utah requested that Decorworx place a street name on each of their aisle markers.  The shoppers can locate their foods by associating them with the local streets of Bountiful.  Dick's Market understands that Bountiful is a great place to live and they want to highlight that fact.

Clark’s Market located in Aspen, Colorado wanted to acknowledge their diverse shoppers.  They have many long time locals as well as the weekend vacationer.  Decorworx contacted the Historical Society and produced photos that demonstrate the history of Aspen.  The locals know that Clark’s Market is dedicated to their community now and in the future and the vacationers get a glimpse of the past.  The photos anchor the store to the community that is known not only for it's beautiful scenery, but also it's rich history.

Clarks, Aspen

Clarks, Aspen

How can you incorporate your community into your store?  Shoppers love to know that you are connected to them and the community.  Celebrate your community!

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