Ice Cream & Gelato



July is National Ice Cream Month and July 15th is National Ice Cream Day!  


Ice cream is a beloved part of our lives. It is as much a part of our traditions as turkey on Thanksgiving or apple pie on the Fourth of July! No birthday cake or pie is complete without a scoop of ice cream, and there is nothing better than an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Many retailers already offer ice cream, but more and more retailers are starting to sell the Italian favorite, gelato, in their stores. Ice cream is an 11 billion dollar industry.  Consider refreshing your store's ice cream case with a new logo or signage.  Enjoy!

Fun Facts About Ice Cream:

  • The United States consumes more ice cream than any other nation in the world.

  • The average American consumes 23.2 quarts of ice cream related products each year.

  • The months with the highest ice cream consumption are July & August.

  • 98% of households in America purchase ice cream.

  • The average number of licks to polish off a single scoop of ice cream is 50.

Fun Facts About Gelato

  • Gelato, the Italian word for “frozen” is the name given to an ice cream-like frozen dessert composed mainly of milk, sugar, cream, and whatever ingredients the gelato is flavored with. This can be anything from fruit to chocolate, or more recently some less traditional flavors such as tiramisu or even bubblegum. 

  • Gelato requires a special freezer in order to maintain its creamy consistency since it is typically kept between 0°-6° Fahrenheit, about 10 degrees warmer than ice cream. 

  • Gelato has less fat and fewer calories than traditional ice cream because the cream used has less butterfat than traditional ice cream. Gelato contains 7-12% butterfat, a healthier alternative to ice cream's 14-40% butterfat.

  • Gelato is slow churned when it’s made, with less air whipped into the product. This results in a rich, dense, creamy texture and flavor.

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