Floral Inspiration

Is your Floral Department inviting?  When customers walk by your Floral Department are they drawn in by color and beauty?  Explore the inspiration that we have found to help give you ideas on how to improve your department.  Keep in mind Valentine's Day is coming and more flowers are purchased on that day than any other day of the year.

Foral Inspiration.jpg

Consider creating a logo to brand your Floral Department.  We love the freshness of these logos.  They prompt the customer to think of your store as more than a grocery store.

Take a look at the tags that you place on your flowers.  Are they unique?  Do they express how creative your store is?  Have you ever considered packaging your flowers in a special way that conveys love and care beyond the flowers?

Foral Inspiration2.jpg

Interior Details will give your Floral Department a "fresh" look.  Take a look at the area around your Floral Department.  Consider this deparment as a corner street floral shop that is unique and playful.

Foral Inspiration 4.jpg

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck." - Emma Goldman.

Inspire your customers to buy flowers