Make your customers say WOW with a beautiful, new cosmetic department.  One way to do this is with bright, vibrant photography. People are naturally drawn to attractive photos and it can help pull more traffic into your cosmetic department by improving the atmosphere.

Improving the atmosphere in your cosmetics area will help to make people feel more comfortable and happy. When people feel happy, statistics show that they will purchase more products.  Our experience has shown that several of our customers have seen a 30-40% increase in their cosmetic department after a remodel. 

Decorworx helped Harmons develop their Cosmetic Department with the use of bold colors and vibrant back lit photography.  The area draws the customer into the department.  According to Cody Hodge, author of Helium,"Presentation is huge in a store.  Ninety percent of a consumers purchase selection is made based on presentation". What are you presenting to your customers?

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