First Choice Decor

A brand new store located in. Colorado recently opened it's doors. Decorworx had the opportunity of working with Hugh Brown (owner) on the store. First Choice is a part of the Affiliated distribution network.
First Choice had architects ....begin their project. They accompanied First Choice to tour their projects that the interior design specialists.Decorworx completed. Hugh Brown requested the services of Decorworx to complete the look of his stores.


First Choice wanted their store to be fresh and updated. They worked closely with their sales representative and designers to get the desired look. Decorworx created several designs for the store to give them the exact look and feel they were after.


Decorworx specializes in small to mid sized grocery stores. This allows us to customize and personalize each and every store. No single store is alike. Since building a new store is a long process for the store owner, we at Decorworx take pride in providing exceptional customer service and assistance from the floor up. Along with the interior decor, we help the customer choose floor colors, refrigeration cases and all wall colors.


First choice made Decorworx their first choice in their design and manufacturing of their new retail space.

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