Custom Photography by Decorworx

Harmon's has taken a unique approach to creating their brand. One of their big pushes is to establish ties with the community and create awareness about their local involvement.  While brainstorming about their latest store, Station Park, it was decided that their photography would be customized. They assembled a wide variety of employees and we shadowed them in their daily tasks.  The photography was then used for the valance and banner artwork. 

Decorworx Photography.jpg

Food photography is often displayed on the valances and banners. Decorworx set up an entire food photography session.  We used all of Harmon's food directly from the cases and the food was prepared by one of their in house chefs. The project was a huge success.  The employees that were featured were ecstatic to see their photos in the store, and it created a very prominent feature within the store.   Harmon's has captured the local flair of Farmington, Utah in their new Station Park store.

Decorworx Photography2.jpg
Decorworx Photography3.jpg
Decorworx Photography4.jpg
Decorworx Photography5.jpg