Create a Powerful Image for Your Store Part 2


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Today we are presenting the final two image-makers for your store. 

Last week we covered the importance of  1.Your Store Name 2. A Powerful Visual Trademark and 3. Your Store Front.  Remember that your image is the foundation for all of your retailing efforts.  Continuing on with the final two image makers consider the following:

4. Inviting Store Entrance:  

An entrance should be inviting to your customers.  Opening up the entry way by removing clutter will help them feel comfortable.  Create a positive feeling by introducing them to your store with signage and creative displays that invite them inside.  Again consider your image, if your store is known for a certain product perhaps this is the time to create a special display or direct them to the appropriate aisles. If you have more than one store, create some common elements throughout the chain by applying commonalities.

5. Inside the Store:  

Getting your customers in the door is important, but if the inside of the store creates feelings of inconsistency or confusion, all is lost.  For example, a clear entrance followed by inconsistent aisle patterns, sloppy merchandising and confusing signage may give your customer a poor impression of your store.  Examine what you are trying to convey to your customer.  Impressive stores convey a consistent message from the front to the back.

As you examine your store, solicit opinions from those around you.  Many times we become so consumed with the actual running of the business that it becomes easy overlook what the store may look like from a customer's perspective.

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