10 Steps to Update My Grocery Store


Are you feeling like your store needs an update, but not sure how to start?

The grocery store business is a competitive business in today's market. The independent store is competing with big box stores who have greater resources. Many grocers just see large dollar signs when they think of a total remodel. In their mind, they are thinking that they have to tear down walls, change out all of their refrigeration cases or even move to get a new look. Not necessarily true.

You can improve your store one section, one sign, one program at a time. It just takes some careful planning and an overall objective.


Ten Steps to Begin the Process


1. Take pictures of your store

It's easy to overlook what image you are projecting to your customer when you are so heavily entrenched in the day to day work of running a business. The photos will help you see your store how your customer sees your store.

2. Examine the photos.

What is your first impression of your store?
Does it convey a message?
Does your store reflect your local community?
Can your customers easily locate products?
Has your store been updated in the past 7 years?

3. Determine the mission of your store.

Before you begin to improve your store, it's important that you have a clear understanding of what your mission is for you store.

4. Analyze what sets your store apart from your competition.

By analyzing what sets your store apart from your competition you will be able to determine your areas of focus.  For example, does your bakery department make a speciality bread or do you bring in local produce weekly.  This information will be especially important as you create a financial plan in the next steps.

5. Determine the amount of money you can dedicate to improvements. 

Even if you start with a small amount per month it is important that you clearly understand the amount you can afford to invest in updating your store.

6 . Make a financial plan.

Now take that budget and refer back to what sets your store apart.  Can you introduce a new program, can you highlight an area with signage.

7. Gather information such as photos for inspiration, visit other stores and talk to other store owners.

Travel outside of your local area and gather information.  Keep your mind open to new ideas.  The ideas do not just need to be found in a grocery store, but look at all retailers.  What are they doing to bring in customers.  What attracts you to their store?  Is it the layout or the decor or the excellent customer service?

8. Make an action plan.

Now that you have your data and your budget start to create a plan.  Planning is the key.  Small progress each year will eventually get you closer to your final goal.

9. Draw on resources.

Are there companies who have an expertise in a specific area.  Draw upon their knowledge and expertise.

10. Begin.  

The final step is to begin.  This step is often the most difficult since you know that it will take dedication and endurance to reach your goals.  It will be worth it in the end.

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