10 Examples of Store Decor Guaranteed to Inspire You


Ideas for grocery store decor

The decision to remodel a grocery store can be a bit overwhelming at first. Here are ten of our most diverse stores to use as a source of inspiration for your store’s decor (corresponding photos are at the right of this page, numbered to match each store in the list)

Harmons Dixie (1) 1.jpg

1| Harmons Dixie

The décor in Harmons incorporates the area’s unique landscape while creating a luxury shopping experience for customers. The use of rich and deep colors, hard woods, and acrylic materials make the store feel classy and elegant. Photos of the store’s food and employees make the store feel more personal and relatable.


LeBlanc's (46).JPG

2| LeBlanc’s Frais Marche

Warm tones of yellows, reds, greens, and purples reflect the Louisiana culture and create a comfortable and calming mood for the store. Large, detailed photos of LeBlanc’s specialty products are a key part of the store’s décor. Fleur de lis accents, with wrought iron details, reflect the southern style.


Lowe's 55 (40).jpg

3| Lowe’s 55

Bold and vivid colors make up the main décor of Lowe’s to create a comfortable feeling for the store. Brick and wood textures can be found throughout some of the main departments, while a graceful paint texture compliments others. Each department is adorned with a modern typeface to establish an upscale, but relaxed atmosphere.


Matherns (2).JPG

4| Matherne’s Market

The décor of Matherne’s embraces the building’s unique past (a former bank). An old bank vault houses the wine, and cultured stone floors and columns are preserved in the design. The ceiling is dark black and custom lighting is suspended along the store’s walls. The overall design reflects the flair of Baton Rouge and sends a message of quality and southern hospitality.


Clarks Aspen (4).jpg

5| Clark’s Market

Clark’s Market embraces the culture through photos of the local ski resort. A black ceiling and wood floor give the store an upscale look and add a comforting feeling, delivering a warm welcome to customers. LED lighting can be seen throughout the store to add a natural emphasis to the food. Wood planks and clean acrylic letters reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding community.


City Creek 2.JPG

6| Harmons City Creek

The décor of Harmons City Creek reflects an upscale mood. Rich, dark colors and custom lighting found throughout the store creates a comfortable atmosphere. Departments use a modern typeface to emphasize the luxury mood, while chalk art used on aisle markers adds an inviting mood. Photos of the store’s employees add a familiar touch to the décor.


7| Macey’s Spanish Fork

The Macey’s décor utilizes bright, cheerful colors to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere for customers. Each department has a distinct valance design with unique paint textures and bold, easy to read text to add character and charm to the store.


Lins Santa Clara (97).jpg

8| Lin’s Santa Clara

The store’s colors reflect the deep, rich earth tones found in the nearby beautiful national parks. Projected images are used on each valance to create the icons in each of the four main departments. The main department text is a straight-forward and simple font, with a script used for the secondary departments.


Meiers (14).jpg

9| Meiers

The décor of Meiers is simple yet stylish. Silver acrylic letters compliment bold, rich colors found throughout the store. Rock and wood details compliment the cabin-like feeling of the store, while a modern font runs vertically up the walls to create an upscale feeling. A soft, red concrete floor adds to the warm and charming atmosphere of the store.


Chinatown (27).jpg

10| Chinatown Market

The décor of Chinatown encompasses larger than life murals, metal letters, hand-painted wood and a bold color scheme. Valance text, written in eight different languages can be found throughout the store. The décor, combined with wide aisles, an open ceiling, and a fresh meat counter create a comfortable and welcome feeling for customers.


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